About Us

Tim Vibert has been involved in Military Vehicles since 1974.  Initially as a collector and restorer of some 80 vehicles including Jeeps, Bren Carriers and Blitzs.  This period included involvement in the first Corowa Swim In. The interest developed into a militaria business during the 1980s.  The first import was a Dodge Command Car purchased from Peter Gray while attending the 40th D Day celebrations.

Militaria trading took on a serious side with the formation of Combat Vehicles Australia P/L and the purchase of 105 Centurions and 2500 tonnes of spares from the Australian Army in 1989.  Tanks and spares were sent worldwide including 12 to the USA for the filming of Courage Under Fire in 1994.

Over the years a large quantity of the allied British Larkspur radio equipment has been obtained to equip these vehicles.

In order to broaden the range of vehicles offered AFVs Australia was formed and this company as an approved MOD UK tenderer imported scores of vehicles including FV432, FV434, Ferret, Scorpion, Abbot, Saladin, Saracen, Tracked Rapier, M548 and Chieftain.  The 35 Saracens along with a huge quantity of spares were ex Hong Kong MOD stocks.

Empire Trading and Disposals was also formed to market the hundreds of smaller items collected over the years.

The business continues with large stocks of spares for Centurion and Saracen.  Lesser stocks for Ferrets, and good stocks of CES for British vehicles.

Many 100s of militaria items, spares and manuals are still in the sales pipeline.